Cater March Madness With Tubby’s A Detroit Original

Plan Your March Madness Party with Tubby’s Catering

Tubby’s catering is here to get you through the March Madness fun by providing your party with tasty subs and other share-ables.

The excitement of March Madness is right around the corner, which means three weeks of watching non-stop basketball with friends and family. It’s a great time to get everyone together to root for your favorite team, smear the opponent, and compare March Madness brackets. The best way to enjoy the excitement of the tournament is by hosting a March Madness party and allowing Tubby’s to handle the hardest the hardest part: feeding your guests! Tubby’s offers a wide selection of Party Subs, chicken wings, salads, and other share-able items from their catering menu. So forget the hassle of cooking and cleaning while there is basketball to watch, and enjoy your company while Tubby’s handles the rest.

Tubby’s for Every Kind of Party

We’ve all participated in the struggle of trying to plan the meals/snacks for our sports-related parties around the half-time break. Timing becomes a confusing mess and things end up under-cooked, burnt, or sometimes completely forgotten. By catering through Tubby’s, you can assure that the food at your party will be a hit. We offer a wide selection of items to choose from, varying in size to suit the needs of every party.

Say you are just having a few friends over to root for your favorite college team in this year’s March Madness tournament. Tubby’s Monster Party Subs are the perfect way to assure the satisfaction of your guests. The Monster Party Sub Jr. is a hefty, foot-long sub packed with enough meat, cheese, and premium deli toppings to feed up to six people. However, if your friends tend to bring guests, or just come equipped with heavier appetites, our Monster Party Sub (not Jr.) is likely the better option. These subs feed 5-7 people per foot, but come with a two-foot minimum. Our Monster Party Subs comes in three different options:

• Tubby’s Famous – Cotto salami, hard salami, ham, cheese, and all of the deli toppings.
• Ham N’ Cheese – Ham, Cheese, and all of the deli toppings
• Turkey N’ Cheese – 96% Fat Free Turkey (Popular as a healthy choice), cheese, all of the deli toppings, and your choice of Mayo or Tubby’s famous dressing.

Visit our website to see our full catering menu, including our Party Sub Platters, Chicken wings (boneless or bone-in), Party Salads, and Cookie platters for dessert. Let Tubby’s catering help you to ease the burden of hosting and enjoy your March Madness party.

About Tubby’s Grilled Submarines:

A ‘Detroit Original,’ the first Tubby's Sub Shop was founded in 1968 by Richard Paganes and was grilling subs long before it became a national trend to do so. Headquartered in Roseville, MI., the franchise has since grown to include over 60 locations throughout Michigan with more coming in 2017. Over and above all else, Tubby's has an unsurpassed commitment to quality and the delivery of premium quality grilled submarines on freshly baked homemade bread. Tubby’s menu offers fresh salads, tasty sides, Monster Party subs and other crowd-pleasing catering options, plus at select locations, a new dessert menu featuring Just Baked cupcakes. To see our full menu, find a store near you, or order on-line, please visit the Tubby’s Locations.